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How to choose a hat that suits you in winter

The cold winter hat can be said to be an indispensable item for us. It can not only keep warm but also improve fashion very well. For ladies who love beauty, they must have a hat that suits them.

Choose according to your face shape, and choose a hat according to your face shape. People with a large face should not choose a hat with a lighter hat, which will look big; people with a long face should not choose a hat with a small brim, which will look long; Face girls should not choose a hat without a brim to make their face rounder; those with a small face should not choose a hat with a brim that is too large or deep, which makes their face smaller.

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According to the skin color, the color of the hat is also very important. If it is not suitable, it will appear dull and lack of energy. Not only will it not be decorative, but it will reduce your fashion. When choosing a hat for Chinese, it is best not to choose khaki, dark purple, brown and other colors that are closer to the skin. Black and beige can be considered.

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According to the choice of hairstyle, it is really important to choose a hat to fit your own hairstyle, otherwise it will be embarrassing and easy to make a fool of yourself. For example, if you wear a lighter hat on your hair, your hair will turn up, making it very ugly. Therefore, you must choose the right hat according to your hairstyle. Look at the material of the hat. The material of the hat is a factor that is often not noticeable when choosing, but it plays a vital role in the overall shape and comfort of the hat. Under normal circumstances, choosing a hat with a softer material is a more versatile choice, and a harder material is more rigid, so choose carefully. Depending on the occasion you want to go, there are also hats for different occasions, casual, sports, and formal. You should choose according to your needs. For example, you should choose a fisherman hat with good shading effect when you go outdoors, and choose a more beautiful and decorative hat when you go to more formal occasions. Look at the matching clothes. Accessories play a role in matching. Natural clothes are the protagonist. Accessories should be matched according to the style of the clothes to look good. Don’t wear a baseball cap for all clothes, otherwise it will look silly. The size of the hat is appropriate. It seems that the size of the hat is often overlooked when choosing. And there are many hats that are elastic or adjustable. Everyone thinks that the size of the hat is not very important. In fact, the hat of the right size is comfortable and fits. , So you must consider it when choosing, it is best to try it on before confirming. The size of your head should also be considered. Some people think that others look good with baseball caps, and they buy one to wear them, but they don’t know that baseball caps will look big on your head and face. If you have a big head, then it’s the best Don’t choose a baseball cap.

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The above is a few tips on how to choose the right hat summarized by customjust.

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