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A scientific analysis of picking hats based on face shape

Summer x hat = a capital “sully”

Autumn x hat = walking “magazine cover”

Autumn, a season suitable for concave shapes, short sleeves and trousers. Flying, slippers and sneakers are all the same color, in short… suitable for the season of wearing hats.

So the question is, for most people whose face shape is not perfect, or the area of ​​the face is not satisfactory, how to wear a hat to achieve the effect of “looking and modifying the face”?

I believe that before reading this article, you must have read a lot of popular science articles about face shape and hat. Most of them will divide the face shape into “long face”, “round face”, “square face”, “short face”, etc., and then take the seats. But after the popular science, we will find that there is no use of eggs…..

Because square face and square face, round face and round face are also different-this is why you have read so many articles, but still can’t choose a suitable hat.

Today, I will use a scientific method and a new perspective to briefly talk about how to choose the general direction of my hat.

To give you a better understanding, I (the soul painter himself) prepared three textbook-like paintings for you…

Suppose, the green one is the hat… (don’t ask me why) the circle is the face

↑ It can be seen that when the hat is narrower than the face, the face will be wider

↑ When the hat is wide, the face becomes narrower, but still a bit big

↑ When the hat is wider than the face, the face becomes narrower and smaller

Therefore, these three pictures illustrate the basic idea of ​​choosing a hat: comparing the hat with the face plays a relatively small role (when the hat is wide, the face is narrow. When the hat is narrow, the face is Appear lenient)

If such an abstract style cannot make you understand, then please look at the following picture:

↑ Do you feel that the left face will be narrower than the right face?

If you are still blinded, then look at these two comparison charts:

↑ Compare left and right, because the hat on the right is looser and larger, and the hat is turned up one more layer, visually increasing the width of the brim, so the face on the right looks relatively narrower than the face on the left.

The hat on the right is more decorative, especially for people with larger faces in the second half.

In addition to the width and width of the hat, which affects the shape of the face, the shape of the brim also affects our face to a certain extent

↑ It can be seen that the more the brim is bent upward, the longer the face looks.

Therefore, if your face is too thin and long, you can choose to bend down (Figure 1) or flat-brimmed hat (Figure 2) to make your face look short. If your face is short, or wide, or the cheeks are relatively large, the upwardly curved hat brim (Figure 3) will be more suitable

↑ The same hats have different degrees of bending and different effects on the face. The face in Figure 3 is more slender. The girl’s face in Figure 1 is shorter and round. Pulling the hat backwards to increase the upward bending of the brim will make the face more slender and beautiful.

Speaking of which, I recommend a hat that is 100% suitable for you: Doodays (because it can be customized, so you can adjust the width and width at will)

↑ The classic basic model of Doodays, the design of the curved brim just lengthens the proportion of the second half of the face, which has the effect of modifying the face shape.

At the same time, the brim is wider than other hats, making the face relatively narrow.

Of course, the choice of hat depends not only on the head, but also on body shape and matching, makeup and so on. For example, if the hat is too big and thin, it will give others a top-heavy feeling, but it will outweigh the gains.

If there are many likes, I will consider a hahaha

After all, all the beauty is traceable.

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